I’m currently an NSF plant genome postdoc at the University of California, Davis working with with Graham Coop, Jeff Ross-Ibarra, and Julin Maloof. I have a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Toronto, where I was coadvised by John Stinchcombe and Stephen Wright.

I have a bachelor’s degree in biology from Brown University, where I worked in Annie Schmitt’s lab and did an honors thesis studying natural variation in germination response to cold in Arabidopsis thaliana. After graduation, I worked as a research associate in Leonie Moyle’s lab at Indiana University and as a field intern on a large guppy experimental evolution project in Trinidad.

I’ve also gotten to go on a few non-science-related adventures, like biking from Boston to Santa Barbara to raise money for affordable housing with Bike & Build.